What one can do with a classic Nivea jar?

Hi girls,

This lesson was a very special one. We needed a classic Nivea jar and no one exactly knew why. Kira, our teacher explained to us why. We are trained for make-up in the television world and during a soap serie or a movie it can be that someone has to wear a beauty mask. Well, this is what we created with this Nivea jar. It was a true art to do it very precise using and thick layer and to leave the area around the mouth and eyes open. You also need to pay attention that someone with a mask still has a nice expression in the face. You can achieve this by curving up the corners of the mouth. This is how the face gets a friendly expression despite the mask. Just add a bit of eyeshadow tot the mask and it gets a color as well.

pm1 pm2

I loved to be a model this time. Everything looks easier but it’s working with millimeters. Every millimeter influences the face. It is the same with applying makeup. Every millimeter infuences the symmetry and expression of the face.

pm6 pm3

The second part of the lesson. Fortunately my friends are all very pretty and they all want to be my model. Two weeks ago my friend Janneke was my model. We used to live together and she was was even my manager at work. We also came back to NL around the same time, cause we broke up with our boy friends…

We are on track again, have new jobs and we have nice social lives. We are very good friends because of this intense experience in Israel. We became stronger women after all.

On Janneke’s eyes I drew an open crease. This is how her eyes look even bigger. I also used fake eye lashes on her. Last but not least I used a strong color for her lips.

pm5 pm4

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