My first day as a makeup artist student

Hi all!

Today was my first day as a student at the make-up school of Dik Peeters in Amsterdam. Even though I was still recovering from a terrible hangover from the weekend, this new challenge really did give me fresh energy. Around 10 o’clock the course started with a very pleasant group of young women. Everyone has a different background, but have a strong passion for make-up in common.

After going through the house rules and some other information we started the with the practical part. We all had to bring a white young model no older than 35 years. My good friend Marike was my model today. I was happy that she could be my model, and felt very comfortable with her around on this first day with a lot of new impressions.

A very professional and experienced Dutch make-up artist, Siny van der Velde, taught us show to apply a good foundation. What an inspiring personality! A clear explanationan and personal attention was enough for me to create a solid base. We were taugt to mix colours to get as close as possible to the skin color of our models. I was very pleased with my results and so was Siny. Only the shaping was a little difficult. I found it hard to get the right symmetry. Siny explained how to apply the taupe colour in the shape of a moon from the ear to the middle of the cheek in order to emphasise the cheekbones. After some practice this went pretty well. Only the nose-shaping requires further practice.

We also started on a base for special effects make-up. The lightest foundation formed the base. We practised this cover technique by smoothly tapping and holding the sponge in a effective way. Also here it counts that practice makes perfect. It was truely challenging to mattify the make-up on Marike’s face. I kept on powdering. After this we practised once more with shaping. Not easy to do this on an extreme thick layer of make-up.

I was very tired after this first class. Everything seems easier than I had imagined it to be. It takes a lot of hard work – especially standing up for such a long time. Marike and I ended the day by going to a Surinamese restaurant in Amsterdam to fill our tummies.

IMG_1561 IMG_1563 IMG_1564

An other student with her lovely mom as modelIMG_1580 IMG_1589

This is how you hold the sponge to apply the tapping techniqueIMG_1574


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1 Comment on My first day as a makeup artist student

  1. jeapiebel
    14 April 2016 at 13:32 (3 years ago)

    Lijkt mij ook vermoeiend na de les, zeker als je het probeert goed te doen. Echt leuk lijkt mij, maar foundation goed aanbrengen dat bij je huidskleur past, lijkt mij niet makkelijk. Ik ga ook binnenkort les nemen. 


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