Makeup lesson 6 and 7: the test exam

Hi girls,

It was my test exam this lesson. I thought it was very exiting. Fortunately my good friend Mieke could be my beautiful model this time.

First a little personal story about Mieke. Mieke is a very fun and energetic person and loves to undertake all kind of things. She studied pharmacy and worked for years in the pharmaceutical industry. Recently Mieke is reeducting herself as a herbal pharmacist. She is also studying to become an astrologist. She wants to combine her knowledge as a pharmacist with her knowlegde about holistic curing methods in order to help people. Mieke also sells natural oils of Do-Terra. These are very concentrated essential oils, which can possibly cure all kind of diseases. These oils smell really good!

Mieke is not only very smart, she is also very beautiful. I asked her to be my model on my test exam. We got some instructions of Amber, the owner of the school. One of the instructions. One of the instructions was to use wet eye shadow. It is a challenge to make the edges fade away. The mouth had to be in a strong color. And for the rest of the assignment we had to apply the rest of the makeup: good foundation, fake lashes, rouge, etc.

After the pictures were examined by Amber, we got some useful feedback. I saw on the pictures that the neck did not have the right color. The most important feedback points:

  • I did not use the right finishing powder;
  • I did not fade away the edges of the eye shadow correctly;
  • The neck had an other color than the rest of the face.

Well, this is how I learn.

pm1 pm2 pm3 pm5 pm6

I also practised the open crease, because I find it hard to get a symmetry in this and to fade away the edges correctly.

pm7 pm8

This beautiful open crease is made by my teacher Kira and my Tessen (another student). It’s a good example of how to make an open crease.pm9 pm10

What do you think about this all? Please leave a comment for me!


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