Mini-make over! Makeup for light skin and blue eyes

Hey girls, how are you? I hope you’re fine. As you know I have lived in Israel now for two years and a month and  my friends and family have started visiting me here. Last week my good friend and editor for my blog, Ilse, her husband Carl, my brother Wesent and our good friend Tom came over. We have traveled to many beautiful places together but we also did some beauty shopping. We bought some makeup for light skin and blue eyes for my sweet friend Ilse!


Maybe you remember Ilse from the post about her wedding. She was a stunning bride and I had the honour of being her makeup artist. I had to use completely different products than my own products since I had to use makeup for light skin and blue eyes.

Makeup for light skin and blue eyes

Well last week we went shopping in one of Israel largest malls. The mall is located in the north of the country. The area is called Krayot. We went shopping for makeup for light skin and blue eyes in the Flormar shop. Flormar is a relatively affordable makeup shop. You can find everything there for reasonable prices. Ilse told me that she has a problem finding a good eye shadow which will hold on her eyelids for more than a few hours. Her skin tone is extremely light and her skin is also quite dry. Therefore, she needs to pay attention to the pigmentation of the eye shadow. We tried some cool coloured eye shadow which seemed to fade away on her skin tone. However the warm terracotta colours seemed to stay perfectly in place and gave a warm look. To ensure a nice colour on her eyes I bought her an eye liner in a golden/bronze colour. IMG_6488pm

It does not travel from the eye lid and is long lasting. However a liquid eye liner is not easy to apply for everyone. Once you know how to apply it, you wouldn’t want to live without applying an eye liner so now and then. It takes a bit of practice but everyone can do this.



Ilse picked products which give a natural effect. She wants to be able to use it daily for her work at the office.

Ilse picked 4 products which fall in the category: makeup for light skin and blue eyes:

A blush: Flormar Terracotta Blush-On, 45 Touch of Rose


A lipstick: Flormar Supershine Lipstick, 516

lipstick Flormar

A eye liner: Flormar color liner, 01 V for Victory


A eye shadow palette: Flormar, Quartet Eye Shadow, 401 Copper Dreams

eye shadow

What do you think of the results?

Makeup for light skin and blue eyes

Makeup for light skin and blue eyes


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  1. sherry
    7 September 2015 at 19:17 (4 years ago)

    Seems like you have a great time. Nice blogpost. Love it.


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