I am a certified makeup artist. Now what?

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After a long time I write an update. The lasts blogposts are about my makeup course. So I have not blogged for a while but I collected a lot to blog about. I blogged about all kind of topics related to beauty and now I want to keep you updated regarding my new life as makeup artist. I don’t longer work at the bank but I am still looking for a job since the makeup artistry is not a fulltime job yet, but I have a lot of assignments.

Meanwhile I have completed the makeup course and have my certificate. I was very nervous for the exam and not everything went well but it gives me satisfaction that I became a certified makeup artist. I was still working for the bank on a project but slowly in the weekends somethings started to take off.

On of the first makeup jobs to build my portfolio after I got my certificate, I ended up at the place of an artistic photographer who lives in the area of the Red Light District in the Centre of Amsterdam. This assignment is without getting paid. It is solely for building my portfolio whilst the photographer build his. The name of the artist is Renee Frese. He lived and worked – also as a photographer for magazines – for many years abroad (among others in Italy), came back to Amsterdam and is only busy with photography with the focus on Africa in his pictures. He aims on Africa. I see on his Facebook wall many times pics of beautiful dark people who are photographed in a specific style. See here an example of what I mean:


Together with aunt Lucia, and my cousin Marcia we went to Renee with beauty cases full of makeup. My cousin Marcia (16 years old) was first bit in shock while walking at the red light district and see all these ladies in their profession behind the windows. Marcia went with me as the model and aunt Lucia joint us for fun. The studio of Renee was a cosy small and dark place. He lives as a real artist, he was also very serious in his role as an photographer/artist. It was very interesting to notice. His pictures often have an artistic atmosphere. A very specific style.

Everywhere I come, I learn from people. It was a very useful experience and Renee also taught me a lot. I did not have a solid plan and wanted to try all kind of different looks in front of the camera. Renee taught me that you need to have a solid plan to perform within the time you have. So planning is still something I should be more keen on. More about this in a later blogpost. One of the most striking things Renee told me was: ‘Build yourself slowly, you have a degree now and should do something with it. Moreover, your work is very good.’ I never thought I would actually build myself, but I already did some great things. He is a great motivator.

How do you like these pics? Let me know in a comment.

The model in the pics below is cousin Marcia.

VADANA 1 AUG 001 (2) VADANA 1 AUG 002 (2) VADANA 1 AUG 019 (2)


I used fantasy makeup on Marcia!VADANA 1 AUG 064 (2)Renee in his studio:

renee f in zijn studio



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