Balmain hair extensions review

Hi girls,

Remember, I posted a link a while ago and mentioned my brand new purchase: memory hair by Balmain. I did a mini Balmain hair extensions review without wearing the extions. I bought it in a big department store, the Bijenkorf, well-known by the Dutch girls among you. I forgot to explain why it is called memory hair. It’s called memory hair because it memorizes the exact shape as was after you washed it. So if you curled it with a curl iron it will memorize this shape even after you washed it.


Hair Dress is easy to apply without damage as it does not involve bonds, rings, tape or clips, it is applied by using the transparent strand which will hold the piece in place.

I love these extensions and wear them often since they are easy to apply and give instant length and volume. However when my hair feels greasy and dirty I don’t want to wear them cause it feels like a bad match and it also feels that the transparent strand looses grip more easy with the rest of the hair.

After an evening of going out I want to share a before and after since I had some comments of curious girls.

Please leave a comment if you want to see more hair styles and my new colored hair for an other Balmain hair extensions review.



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6 Comments on Balmain hair extensions review

  1. Mariska
    21 January 2016 at 13:28 (4 years ago)

    Zijn best wel mooie extensions! Zijn dit clip-ins?

    • Vandana
      23 January 2016 at 18:33 (4 years ago)

      Hoi Mariska, sorry voor mijn late reply. Ik dacht dat ik al geantwoord had. Nee dit is een doorzichtig bandje die je op je hoofd zet. Echt heel erg makkelijk en snel. Zonder schade van lijm. Ideaal.

    • Vandana
      21 January 2016 at 22:57 (4 years ago)

      It gives also more volume indeed.

  2. Reshma
    21 January 2016 at 23:30 (4 years ago)

    Mooie extensions, ze zorgen inderdaad voor volume. Erg mooi

    • Vandana
      23 January 2016 at 18:27 (4 years ago)

      Dank Reshma! Ja idd er fijn dat volume!


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